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Beijing Exhibition Factory
Xinbo Exhibition Branch is located in Shunyi District, Beijing. With years of hard work, strict management and good reputation, Xinbo Exhibition Branch has gathered a rigorous, efficient, skilled and experienced construction team and 3,000 square meters factory building. It has accumulated rich production and construction experience.
Xinbo Exhibition Factory has woodworking group, electrician group, welder group, lacquer group and art group, and is equipped with various advanced engineering machinery and equipment, such as lifts, precision saws, steam pumps, cutting saws, electric saws, welding machines, bending machines, charging electric drills and manual tools. At the same time, our factory has many logistics transportation companies. Cooperate to provide guarantee for the construction of R in other areas.  Our factory strives to perfect the designer's creativity and customer's requirements!  We are in the spirit of excellence, everything from the customer's point of view, everywhere for customers to achieve customer requirements.
Xinbo Exhibition is devoted to the design and production of exhibition, the visual realization of commercial space, the planning and implementation of large-scale activities and other series of solutions. Rich service experience, close to the market strategy, brand new ideas, high-level design performance, professional execution ability, let us win a wide reputation in the industry.