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Service scope
  • 1 Enterprise Brand Itinerant Exhibition Planning and Execution
  • 2 Business Art Display Planning, Design and
  • 3 Showcase & Exclusive Shop Design and Decoration
  • 4 Exhibi t ion Hall & Office Des ign and Construction
  • 5 Meeting & Activity Planning and Execution
  • 6 Exhibition & Exhibition Stand Design and Construction
Service process
  • 01
    Project contact phase
    Obtain customer information to visit customers, obtain customer information related to the exhibition, define the delivery date of design drawings
  • 02
    Design stage
    Communicate with the designer and communicate with the customer on the design of the exhibition platform immediately Deliver the design draft, design instructions, project quotation to the customer, study the feedback from the customer and revise it agai
  • 03
    Signing stage
    Confirm the price of the project with the customer, clarify the requirement of matching with the customer, sign the contract
  • 04
    Production stage
    According to the department s work order to complete the production and preparation work, arrange customers to the factory on-the-spot inspection production and preparation, complete the hosting, home, exhibition hall and other formalities
  • 05
    Site construction stage
    The exhibition will be built on site to handle additional and changed projects on site, and to cooperate with customer exhibits and customer acceptance
  • 06
    withdrawal phase
    Arrange on-site emergency service and value added services during the exhibition, cooperate with customers to leave the exhibition and dismantle the site
Service advantages
  • secure after-sales,timely and thoughtful
    During the customer’s exhibition,there is a professional resident of TuoXun Company to ensure the smooth progress of the exhibition services to make customers more comfortable
  • caring service,full assured
    Over the years of professional experience and obvious advantages in resource allocation,major cities throughout the country have set up their own factories to achieve local conservation and consumption reduction,and profit customers
  • careful construction to ensure quality.
    Our construction team unified management unified training ,has many years of construction experience Has a high professional literacy and service awareness,accurate control of each process
  • careful design,the ultimate creativity.
    The professional designer team designs a unique and visually attractive solution for the customer according to the custormer’s needs The design results are guided by the perfect display of the corporate image and the enhancement of the company’s impre
Service commitment
1. Comprehend the customer's ideas and think hard. The client designs a tailor-made design.
2. The company always implements the quality is the basis of survival. Each project has a project manager who has been in business for more than three years to supervise the whole process to ensure every detail. Smooth implementation
3. Strictly follow the drawings confirmed by the customer and organize the implementation of the booth to ensure the quality of the project.
4. Delivery according to the contract deadline
5. During the opening of the exhibition, professional guards will be placed in the booth, and problems will arise and resolved at any time. 6. After the exhibition, the demolition and on-site finishing of the booth project will be undertaken by us.